New Location to shop......  DeVitis Italian Market in Akron!
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WE ALSO BAKE COOKIES !!!! we have a delicious array of Italian and American cookies, call or email  your request for our complete menu which lists our cookie options...YUM! (please specify your home city).

 You may place orders for Cakes & Pies Online! *** 10 day Advance on orders please. All our desserts are made to order...deliciously fresh! 
Request a New Items Menu! (see the bottom of our home page for details) Specify Canton Or New Philadelphia Area Menu
SPECIAL NOTE:WEBSITE PRICING REFLECTS OUR LOCAL New Philadelphia DELIVERY AREA. Orders Placed on the website from our Canton friends will be adjusted to reflect the pricing for that Delivery area. In need of  a menu for the Canton area? Send us your request at our email below! Canton orders.... Pick-Up at Gabe's Meat & Deli or DioGuardis
Locations to buy: 
New Philadelphia area....FRESH THE MARKET 150 1st Dr Sw New Philadelphia (re-opens in Late March)
200 N Main St Tuscarawas 
Canton area....

DioGuardi's Marketplace & Deli!
 3116 Market Ave N
 Gabes Deli
4037 Hills & Dales Road
"New Location" Canton Importing 
1136 Wertz Ave NW
Akron area....
"New Location" DeVitis Italian Market
560 East Tallmadge Avenue


Delivering to Your Door is a 

Piece of Cake

We Have COOKIES! BREADS! CHOCOLATES! (These items are not on the website)
 Give us your email and we will send you our "New Items" Menu! Please specify our Canton (Gabes Meat and Deli), Canton (DidGuardis Deli) or the NEW Philadelphia area menu...Thank You!

Deliciously Made from Scratch with Love and Care, then Delivered Right to Your Door!






New York Style Cheesecake


Fluffy French Silk

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 1.32.24 AM.png

Clint's KETO Coconut Chip Cheesecake

Special Diet? We offer Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly & Keto Friendly Selections

At "D'Orazio's", we want everyone to be able to enjoy a fine dessert! So, we continue to expand and update our selections for those doing the beneficial Keto plan or on a gluten-free or diabetic diet. Click the button below to view all our current selections in these categories.

About Our Bakery

Thank you for visiting our website!  We are Clint and Sandy Lightell of New Philadelphia, Ohio. 


Some twenty years ago, my wife and I had a dream of establishing a bakery that would produce wonderfully-made items. Products that contain quality ingredients, prepared with care and purpose...